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Special Offer
T A C T Cleaning
Carpet Protector
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Special Offer
  Special Offer 
  3 areas of carpet and a hall cleaned
(up to 500 sq. ft.)
(includes light furniture moving)
Sofa & Chair cleaned 
  For only $99 

  Our company is proud to offer you only IICRC Certified Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists. We also use only (CFI) Certified Floor covering Installers.

  Our goal is to ensure that you get the absolute best experience possible by using our company. If you are completely happy with the company you’re currently using, then we encourage you to continue to use their services. However, if you feel that there is a possibility that you could get a better cleaning, better installation or overall better service in general, then we would humbly appreciate the opportunity to allow us to “WOW” you with what we can provide.

Call us today and we’ll happily come by and evaluate your flooring needs.

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