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Keeping your carpet looking beautiful longer.
  Applying Carpet Protector to your carpet will help keep your carpet looking beautiful longer.

  When dirt gets in your carpet, it acts like sandpaper and grinds away at your carpet fibers. This “grinding” will scratch the surface of the carpet fiber and cause it to “ugly out” leaving unsightly, irreversible traffic patterns throughout your home. Having carpet protector applied will drastically reduce this process from happening.
Some other benefits of applying protector also include:
  • Routine vacuuming becomes more effective, removing up to 40% more dry soil than unprotected carpet.
  • Your carpet looks cleaner longer.
  • Prevents wear and allows for a brighter appearance.
  • Most spills can be easily cleaned and removed quickly.
We take clean to the extreme.  
  Once we have given you the “absolute best cleaning possible”, we will then apply the carpet protector to help keep your carpet looking beautiful for months to come.
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